Gospel is a Feeling

Gospel is a Feeling

Gregory Boyd:
“What is it like to be an African growing up in a background filled with the belief in God and the sounds of Gospel Music? I will talk about Black American Church life in the USA. Its social and political implications and how Black American Church life helped to harbor and proved to be the head quarters and catalyst for freedom movements and indeed social change from Martin Luther King to everyday community servicing.

Gospel music is praise music for God. It comes from poor Black and White people in the United States. Gospel Music is a feeling and a knowledge that transcends the every day and places one firmly in a music spiritual relations ship with God. I believe music’s sole purpose is to uplift the human spirit, tell the story of God. I believe gospel music’s sole purpose is to uplift the human spirit, tell the story of God and to praise God. Black Gospel Music is the music of slave songs. It is the 2nd level of musical freedom for African Americans representing the sound of people finding its way in a New World.

I am a professional musician singer songwriter and composer. God, gospel music and how God lives in the lives of people inspire me. My family comes from Ministers from the Baptist Church and Church of God from my Grandfather from my father and Great Grandfather from my Mother respectively.”

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